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academic growth
  • akademisk vækst

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That will help better evaluate the academic growth of higher-achieving students.
Third, liberal bias hobbles the academic growth of the very students whose prejudices it seeks to reinforce.
It's popular and generally gets high marks in terms of academic growth.
Those changes drove levels of academic growth, particularly for lower-income and minority families, that were unprecedented for our state and linger to this day.
He believes in the power of excellent educators to support students' personal and academic growth.
And at the end of the school year, they could have gained two years of academic growth in one year.
The system is based on a combination of achievement on state testing, academic growth and, for high schools -- the graduation rate.
I am so excited at the prospect of the emotional and academic growth this year will bring.
Students these days measure their academic growth with the number of tests cleared.
Researchers found a positive correlation between using those techniques in the classroom and student academic growth and focus.

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