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approve the grant
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Requests of five fisted companies were approved granting them exempt on from requirements of attaching consolidated financial statements with their stand-alone financial statements.
While he was not involved in approving the grant, he contributed to the selection of the panel that did.
Also, we have approved grants for clubs to do educational, micro-credits and other economic development projects.
Council's downtown development committee approved the grant at a meeting this morning.
The ruling contradicts the advice lawyers gave to the charity before it approved the grant.
According to him, the provincial government has approved a grant for procurement of two new printing machines but the amount has not yet been released.
Sarjeant confirmed in an interview she approved the grant termination.
City staff are recommending council approve the grant applications.
The agency "saved" $16 million last year as a result of companies claiming far fewer grants than expected, budgeting $62.9m, but approving grants worth only $46m.
The development has been in the works since 2010, zoning is in place and the province has approved grants for the project.

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