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attend a grammar
  • deltage i en grammatik

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If you want your child to attend a grammar school, is tutoring compulsory?
Pupils are less likely to attend a grammar school if they attend primary schools with a high proportion of pupils from deprived backgrounds.
The burning question now was how to get my child to attend a grammar school.
I had attended a grammar school and, in those days, class distinction meant that grammar school boys did not become professional footballers.
The poor mite, formerly dwelling in opulent luxury, has been forced to live in a four-bedroom semi and attend a grammar school.
Every day, around 1,150 pupils make a round trip of around 25 miles to attend grammars in other towns.
The idea that you must attend a grammar to get on is simply untrue.
She said they may attend grammar or private all-girl schools and as a result will not be monitored in any way or known to services that could help them.
Fifty-seven per cent of top officers attended grammars.
In fact, only 15 per cent of the secondary school population ever attended grammars and most of them were middle class to begin with.

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