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average graduate
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By comparison, the average graduate with a bachelor's degree in history will earn $42,200.
For example, the average graduate with a bachelor's degree in government and politics will earn $44,600 per year in the first five years after completing their studies.
Berkman will soon move into his third living quarters in two years, all of them paid for by a public university where the average graduate leaves $24,856 in debt.
If you're trying to choose a college, consider researching not just how much debt the average graduate leaves with, but also how well the graduates can manage the debt.
By 2012, the nation will hold more than $1 trillion of this inescapable debt, with the average graduate's burden at $24,000.
Physics is a facilitating subject that improves analytical and problem-solving skills, and those who go on to study physics at university can expect higher salaries than the average graduate.
What he is looking for by virtue of his education is totally different from what the average graduate seeks.
Yet the average graduate of a public college accumulates more debt than counterparts at some of the state's costliest private colleges.
The commission fundamentally questions any system that charges higher education at a rate where the average graduate will not be able to pay it back.
The average graduate in 2016 will walk away with a diploma and $37,112 in student debt, up 6% from 2015.

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