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baby greens
  • baby greens

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Disse sætninger kommer fra eksterne kilder og er måske ikke nøjagtige. bab.la kan ikke holdes ansvarlig for dette indhold.

As a result, baby greens are tender and have a milder flavour than mature ones.
Bag vs clamshell, organic vs non, baby greens or no baby greens, made no difference.
Baby greens come from seeds planted in soil or a soil substitute like peat moss; they're not processed in water like sprouts.
If you don't know how to cook leafy greens, or you're wary of their bold flavour, try baby greens.
Arrange the baby greens in a salad bowl or on a platter.
Add baby greens to sandwiches, wraps and tacos.
You can also vary your base, whether it is brown or white rice, quinoa or just baby greens for a no-carbs day.
Microgreens and baby greens are a relatively new specialty crop seen in many upscale markets and restaurants.
Mickell sells baby greens, harvested after four to six weeks, and microgreens, which are in the plant's second stage of development after sprouting.

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