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basketball gym
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The basketball gym has a floor made of kitchen tiles, some of which are mismatched.
On the top floor, the apartments are lofted -- the high ceilings reminiscent of an old basketball gym.
The men's basketball gym dominates the facility.
The jumpers felt more comfortable in the huge basketball gym, bounding from a dead stop to the top of a shoulder-high stack of crash pads.
He had no interest in sport until he wandered into a basketball gym at the age of 17 and, in the blink of an eye, his life was transformed.
Construction started years ago aside from the modern basketball gym as other amenities are being planned for the sports complex including volleyball covered courts.
In the basketball gym, narrow cots crowded the court from baseline to baseline.
The multi-purpose gymnasium has a proposed 8,000 seating, which is a world-class basketball gym eyed to host future national competitions.

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