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bearded guy
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The bearded guy is shown driving a tractor and bike, could be a tough contestant to compete with.
No, the other gruff, slightly charming bearded guy!
Alma, a burly, bearded guy who calls himself a "hard-nosed business type," instead shares cost-cutting tips -- like using olive oil to remove makeup -- with new nuns just joining the order.
He's the bearded guy behind the easel, paying homage.
Players are extremely curious about this "wandering caretaker" and his potential in the game thanks to the big bearded guy's more... distinctive qualities.
In the morning, children wake up to find presents under the tree, delivered by a bearded guy in a red suit.
And, not to belittle mainstream religion, but why is it okay to worship some bearded guy on a throne in the sky, but not this?
He was a pretty heavy-set, bearded guy, probably in his mid-sixties, and wearing a button-up shirt.
And not only behave well, but behave in such a way as to please that old bearded guy.
A bearded guy walked in off the street during the foreign-policy section.

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