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EN dominant

This is what's becoming the dominant form of electronic gaming.
Inilah yang menjadi bentuk dominan dari permainan elektronik.
Moral ambiguity becomes the dominant meme in television from 1990 for the next 20 years.
Ambiguitas moral menjadi steno yang dominan di televisi dari tahun 1990 sampai 20 tahun kemudian.
30 years later, rap music is the dominant musical form of popular culture -- would never have come from the big companies.
30 tahun kemudian, musik rap jadi bentuk musikal dominan dalam budaya modern -- sesuatu yg mustahil datang dr perusahaan besar.
dominant (også: cheesy, knobby, prominent, protuberant)
They're the dominant builders and to a large extent, the dominant designers.
Mereka adalah para pembangun yang menonjol, sebagian besar desainer handal.
Envy, it's a real taboo to mention envy, but if there is one dominant emotion in modern society, that is envy.
Iri hati, sangat tabu untuk dibicarakan, meskipun ini merupakan unsur emosi yang paling menonjol dalam masayarakat modern.
dominant (også: cogent, doughty, fervent, forceful)
kuat {adj.}
dominant (også: influential)
dominant (også: capable, predominant)

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EnglishThere are other pleasures, but this is dominant.
Ada banyak kesenangan-kesenangan lain, namun hal ini mendominasi.
EnglishYou have "All in the Family," "Sanford and Son," and the dominant show -- in the top-10 for the entire 70s -- "M*A*S*H."
Kita punya "All in the Family," "Sanford and Son," dan acara yang selalu sinis -- di posisi 10 teratas sepanjang 70-an -- "MASH."