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EN behind his back

behind his back
behind his back
dietro di lui [figur.] [eks.]
behind his back
alle sue spalle [figur.] [eks.]

Lignende oversættelser "behind his back" på italiensk

behind adverbium
his adjektiv
his pronomen
hi interjektion
back substantiv
back adjektiv
back adverbium
to back verbum

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EnglishAnd Fraser's on his knees, arms tied behind his back, and he's crying.
E Fraser è piegato sulle ginocchia, le braccia legate dietro la sua schiena, e sta piangendo.
EnglishHe is doing a magnificent job but to paraphrase Winston Churchill: Give him the tools so he can carry on functioning as an agency head and not with one hand tied behind his back.
Sta facendo un lavoro magnifico, ma per parafrasare Winston Churchill: dategli gli strumenti per poter continuare il suo lavoro a capo dell'agenzia invece di legargli una mano dietro la schiena.