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"roast beef" italiensk oversættelse

roast beef {substantiv}

EN roast beef

roast beef

Synonymer (engelsk) for "roast beef":

roast beef

Lignende oversættelser "roast beef" på italiensk

roast substantiv
roast adjektiv
to roast verbum
beef substantiv
to beef verbum

Eksempelsætninger "roast beef" på italiensk

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Englishroast beef with all the usual trimmings
un roast beef con i contorni tradizionali
EnglishNow, I had tried to imagine what could possibly be in an animated TV commercial featuring Tom Arnold, that would get you to get in your car, drive across town and buy a roast beef sandwich.
Ho provato a chiedermi cosa possa esserci in una pubblicità animata con Tom Arnold che spinga la gente a salire in macchina, attraversare la città ed acquistare un panino al roastbeef
EnglishArby's is going to spend 85 million dollars promoting an oven mitt with the voice of Tom Arnold, hoping that that will get people to go to Arby's and buy a roast beef sandwich.
Arbie's sta per spendere 85 milioni di dollari per promuovere un guanto da forno con la voce di Tom Arnold, sperando che questo spinga la gente da Arbie's a comprare un panino al roast-beef.