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per capita {adverbium}

And this is GDP per capita on this axis.
А по этой оси - ВВП на душу населения.
In the Brooklyn neighborhood that I lived in, Park Slope, there are a lot of writers -- it's like a very high per capita ratio of writers to normal people.
Там очень высокое соотношение писателей на душу населения.

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per capita

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per adverbium
capita adverbium

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EnglishAnd China was emitting 0.6, and India was emitting 0,:,32 tons per capita.
В Китае - 0.6 тонн, в Индии - 0.32 тонн на человека.
EnglishGDP per capita, which will be over a million, but world GDP per capita -- $200,000.
Это мировой НВП на единицу населения, 200 000 долларов.
EnglishThe size of the blob in this graph represents the size of the population, and the level of the graph represents GDP per capita.
Размер капли на этом графике демонстрирует размер населения.