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"to bash in" spansk oversættelse

EN to bash in

2. "dent"

to bash in (også: to dent, to indent, to bump, to dint)

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bash substantiv
to bash verbum
in adjektiv
in adverbium
in præposition
In substantiv

Eksempelsætninger "to bash in" på spansk

Disse sætninger kommer fra eksterne kilder og er måske ikke nøjagtige. bab.la kan ikke holdes ansvarlig for dette indhold. Læs mere her.

Englishshe gave herself a bash on the head
Englishbash the ice with a stone
Englishwell, let's bash on
Englishto bash on with sth
Englishwell, let's bash on
Englishto bash out
Englishto bash sb's head in
Englishto bash sb's head in
EnglishTherefore, the Liberal motion before us today will not be supported by me, as its primary purpose is to bash the United States of American in its global war on terrorism.
El terrorismo y los grupos terroristas habrán ganado cuando haya quedado arrinconado el Estado de derecho.
Englishto bash around
EnglishI'll give it a bash
EnglishI'll give it a bash
EnglishPresident of the Commission, you stated that you cannot bash Europe all week long and then expect a joyful 'yes' to Europe on Sunday.
Señor Presidente de la Comisión, usted afirmaba que no se podía fustigar a Europa durante toda una semana y luego esperar un alegre "sí" a Europa el domingo.
Englishto bash up
EnglishAs I have said several times before, you cannot bash Brussels or Strasbourg from Monday to Saturday and expect citizens to vote in favour of Europe on Sunday.
Como he dicho varias veces, no se puede criticar a Bruselas o a Estrasburgo de lunes a sábado y esperar que los ciudadanos voten a favor de Europa el domingo.