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"bout" spansk oversættelse

bout {substantiv}

EN bout

1. generel

ataque {m} (de algo)
Kofi Annan has been taken ill, and rarely has a bout of flu come at a worse moment.
Kofi Annan ha caído enfermo, y pocas veces un ataque de gripe ha podido llegar en peor momento.
We cannot have our energy ministers indulging in bouts of collective amnesia every time they meet in Brussels.
No podemos permitir que nuestros ministros de Energía se dejen llevar por ataques de amnesia colectiva cada vez que se reúnen en Bruselas.
So important is this process that we must not allow ourselves to indulge in other bouts of institutional junkieism or go off onto self-serving ego trips during this debate.
Ese proceso es tan importante, que durante ese debate no debemos dejarnos llevar por otros ataques de adicción institucional ni por talantes egolátricos e interesados.

2. sport: "in boxing, wrestling"

bout (også: game, meet, match, fixture)

3. sport: "in fencing"


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EnglishWe will see if there is a little bout of aerobics coming from across the room.
Veamos si hacemos un poco de aerobic en la sala.
EnglishLives have been wasted and innocent blood has been spilled in a bout of violence that we can only condemn.
Son vidas desperdiciadas, sangre inocente que brota, violencia que no podemos dejar de condenar.
Englishhe passed it off as a bout of indigestion
le quitó importancia diciendo que no era más que una indigestión
EnglishLet us spare a thought today for our French fellow Members, who are suffering from a bout of full-blown schizophrenia.
Tengamos hoy un pensamiento para nuestros colegas diputados franceses, víctimas de una esquizofrenia total.
EnglishBeing of use to God does not begin with a wrestling bout. It starts with resting in him because he is All in All.
No empezamos a ser de uso para Dios con una lucha de boxeo; empieza todo con luchar en él porque él es todo en todo.
Englishfully recovered after a bout of illness
totalmente recuperado luego de una enfermedad
Englishthat bout of flu he had has left him terribly weak
Englishthat bout of flu he had has really wiped him out
Englishthat bout of flu nearly finished her off
Englishafter a bout of activity
Englisha mild bout of influenza
EnglishI had a bout of flu
EnglishI had a bout of flu
Englishbout of negotiations
Englishbout of negotiations
EnglishThose results prompted a bout of soul-searching as to how the EU could improve the prospects for its country and thematic resolutions.
Esos resultados dieron pie a una profunda reflexión sobre el modo en que la UE podía mejorar las perspectivas de sus resoluciones sobre temas y países.
Englishundercard bout
EnglishIt has been said several times this evening that one in four Europeans, or one hundred million of us, experience a bout of serious illness at least once in their lives.
Se ha dicho muchas veces hoy que uno de cada cuatro europeos, cien millones de nosotros, sufre alguna enfermedad grave a lo largo de su vida.
EnglishIt also betrays the intention of prompting a bout of horse-trading between interested parties with widely differing motives, which can only be detrimental to our Food Authority.
Además, es prueba de las intenciones de lucha por repartirse el botín entre intereses muy diversos que solamente puede dañar a nuestra Autoridad Alimentaria.