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"to hang out" spansk oversættelse

hang {substantiv}

EN to hang out

1. generel

to hang out
to hang out (også: to hang up, to hold out, to trend, to extend)
tender la colada
to hang out (også: to meet)

2. "washing"

to hang out (også: to ring off, to depend, to get up, to put down)

3. "flag"

to hang out (også: to make, to position, to put on, to play back)

4. hverdags

to hang out
parar {intr.vb.} [hverd.] (en un bar, club)
to hang out (også: to hang around)
pendonear {intr.vb.} [Span.] (no hacer nada)

5. "live", hverdags

to hang out (også: to experience, to dwell, to exist, to live out)

6. "spend time", hverdags

to hang out (også: to perambulate, to pad, to wend, to hoof)

7. amerikansk engelsk, hverdags

golfear {intr.vb.} [Span.] (holgazanear)

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hang substantiv
hang adjektiv
to hang verbum
out substantiv
out adjektiv
out adverbium
out verbum
to out verbum

Eksempelsætninger "to hang out" på spansk

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Englishhang the shirt out to drip-dry
cuelga la camisa para que se vaya escurriendo el agua
Englishhang it out to drip-dry
EnglishI don't hang out there a lot
Englishlet it all hang out!
EnglishShe said, “Usually every Saturday David spends time with me, but this Saturday he asked if he could hang out with some friends because he hasn’t seen them in a while.”
Ella me dijo “Regularmente David se pasaba los Sábados conmigo, pero este Sábado me dijo si podía salir con sus amigos ya que tenía rato que no los veía.”