Engelsk-spansk oversættelse af "luscious"


"luscious" spansk oversættelse

EN luscious

1. generel

luscious (også: succulent)
suculento {adj. m}

2. "girl, lips, body"

luscious (også: beguiling, alluring, glamorous, sultry)

3. "scent, sweetness"

luscious (også: dainty, delectable, developed, choice)

Eksempelsætninger "luscious" på spansk

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Englisha luscious blonde
Englishripe, luscious grapes
EnglishThe owner had wanted a contemporary home that prioritized environmental coolness as a consistent attribute and to be able to enjoy the luscious tropical surroundings.
Parliament's lower house said Wednesday that, starting April 21, visitors who only want to visit the cupola will be admitted again. They will have to register at least two working days in advance.