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"mound" spansk oversættelse

mound {substantiv}

EN mound

1. generel

mound (også: hill, rise)

2. "heap"

mound (også: heap, wad, pile, barrowload)
There are also mounds of debris scattered on the roads blocking traffic.
También hay montones de escombros sobre las calles que bloquean el tráfico.
In that time, every six months, I get mounds of documents from the incoming presidency telling me about its priorities - but not this time.
Durante este tiempo, cada seis meses recibo montones de documentos de la Presidencia entrante sobre sus prioridades, pero esta vez no.
I seem to remember a publicity stunt that featured an enormous mound of bottles which were no longer going to be returned for refilling but were simply going to be dumped in a landfill site.
Creo recordar un ardid publicitario en el que aparecía un enorme montón de botellas que ya no iban a ser devueltas para ser rellenadas, sino que sencillamente iban a ser arrojadas a un vertedero.

3. "man-made"

mound (også: barrow, tumulus)

4. botanik


5. geografi

mound (også: hill)

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EnglishBut, verily, We shall make all that which is thereon a barren mound.
y, ciertamente, [llegado el momento] habremos de convertir cuanto hay en ella en tierra yerma.
EnglishUntil Yagug and Magug (Gog and Magog, Lawless tribes or Lawlessness itself) are let loose (through every barrier), and they hasten out of every mound (rock, nook and cranny).
mientras se avecina [el cumplimiento de] la promesa verdadera [de la resurrección].