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nose substantiv
to nose verbum
to be up to verbum
up adverbium
to up verbum
up! interjektion

Eksempelsætninger "nose up" på spansk

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EnglishI turned my nose up at him and it turns out he's the the heir to a fortune!
yo que lo miré en menos y es un rico heredero
EnglishSome, a very few, managed to fly under the cable, while others pulled the nose up at the last minute and cleared the cable.
Algunos, poquísimos, conseguían pasar por debajo, en tanto que otros, a último momento, elevaban el avión y lo sobrevolaban.
EnglishI don't turn my nose up at anything
Englishthey stuck a tube up her nose
Englishthey put a tube up her nose
Englishshe turns her nose up at everything
Englishmy nose is all blocked up
Englishmy nose is all stuffed up
EnglishI will not turn my nose up but all the same I want to say that we are agreeing to a change without being too sure where it will lead us.
No me quiero hacer el exquisito, pero me gustaría decir que decidimos sobre una transformación que no sabemos muy bien a dónde nos conduce.
Englishmy nose is all bunged up
Englishit really gets up my nose
EnglishThis view turns up its nose at the non-profit-making mutual insurance companies, which are vital players in supplementary health insurance in several Member States.
Esta visión menosprecia las mutuas con fines no lucrativos, actores esenciales del seguro complementario en muchos Estados miembros.

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