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EN to pass a motion

1. britisk engelsk

to pass a motion (også: to have a bowel movement)
evacuar {intr.vb.} [form.]
to pass a motion (også: to have a bowel movement)
obrar {intr.vb.} [form.] (evacuar el vientre)

Eksempelsætninger "to pass a motion" på spansk

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EnglishWe may pass this motion but what effect will it have?
Podemos aprobar esta moción, pero ¿qué efecto va a tener?
EnglishWe propose that both institutions should have the right to pass a motion of censure on the Commission.
Nosotros proponemos que ambas instituciones tengan derecho a plantear una moción de censura contra la Comisión.
EnglishIf this is not the case, we will have to pass a motion of censure, and then I think it would be more likely that we could achieve a much broader majority calling for that.
Si no fuera así, se avanzará hacia una moción de censura, entonces con mayor probabilidad de conseguir la muy amplia mayoría necesaria para ello.