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S substantiv
tail substantiv
to tail verbum

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EnglishMadam President, 'in cauda venenum' as the Romans used to say: 'the sting is in the tail'.
Señora Presidenta, "in cauda venenum", decían los latinos, es decir, "al final el veneno".
EnglishNow that is the issue at stake, but there is a sting in the tail.
Aunque ése es el tema que se pone sobre la mesa, oculta una sorpresa desagradable al final.
EnglishI can't make head nor tail of this new tax business
no me aclaro con el rollo este de los impuestos nuevos
EnglishAnd its innovative, bendable tail makes Arc Touch Mouse perfect for on-the-go use.
Y su innovadora parte trasera, que puede curvarse, hace de Arc Touch Mouse el dispositivo perfecto para usarlo en los desplazamientos.
EnglishThe Commission itself cannot make head nor tail of it.
Englishthe cow was flicking the flies off with its tail
la vaca se sacudía las moscas con el rabo
Englishall her stories have a sting in the tail
todos sus cuentos tienen un desenlace inesperado
Englishthey've been on our tail since we left
nos vienen pisando los talones desde que salimos
Englishthe bull flicked the flies away with its tail
el toro espantaba las moscas con el rabo
Englishit capsized the boat with a swipe of its tail
EnglishI've never been able to make head or tail of her
Englishcan you make head or tail of these figures?
EnglishI can't make head or tail of it
para mí esto no tiene ni pies ni cabeza
Englishit wags its tail when it's happy
Englishthe cow flicked its side with its tail
Englishtheir offer had a sting in the tail
Englishhe wears his hair in a pony tail
Englishthe horse was swishing its tail
Englishat the tail end of the group
Englishit was left with a stump of a tail

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