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EN to settle down

1. generel

to settle down
formalizarse {refl.vb.}
to settle down (også: to accommodate oneself)
acomodarse {refl.vb.}
to settle down
instalarse {refl.vb.}
to settle down
asentarse {vb.} [Lat.am.] (adquirir madurez)
to settle down
aplomarse {vb.} (asentarse)

2. "become more responsible"

to settle down (også: to sober up)
to settle down

3. "make calm"

to settle down (også: to allay, to calm down, to mollify, to cool down)

4. "place comfortably"

to settle down (også: to arrange, to fit in, to suit)

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EnglishThey have helped to settle down the markets, which was exactly what we needed to do.
Han ayudado a estabilizar los mercados, que era exactamente lo que teníamos que hacer.
EnglishPlease settle down and take your seats.
EnglishThree weeks is a sufficient period for the calves to settle down and for any health problems to be recognized and treated.
Tres semanas es un plazo suficiente para que los terneros se acostumbren y para poder detectar y curar cualquier posible problema de salud.
Englishsettle down please, children
Englishsettle down to your work