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"shoot-out" spansk oversættelse

shoot-out {substantiv}

EN shoot-out

shoot-out (også: gunfight, gunfire, gunplay, shooting)
shoot-out (også: gunplay, gun battle, shootout, shooting)
balacera {f} [Lat.am.]
shoot-out (også: shooting)
baleo {m} [Chi.]
abaleo {m} [Sydame.] [hverd.]

Eksempelsætninger "shoot-out" på spansk

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EnglishHowever, because of the flexibility instrument, we think we have won the penalty shoot-out.
Sin embargo, el instrumento de la flexibilidad nos hace pensar que ganamos en la prueba de los penaltis.
EnglishIt would be cheaper to go out and shoot them.
Englishpenalty shoot out
Englishpenalty shoot out
Englishpenalty shoot out
EnglishNo doubt we will all have the usual shoot-out just before Christmas on TACs and quotas and we can see the lead into that coming along.
No cabe duda de que tendremos nuestra habitual disputa justo antes de Navidad en torno a los TAC y las cuotas, y ya podemos vislumbrar el camino que conduce a ella.
EnglishIt is trophy hunting: people who go out and shoot big game and come home proudly but sickeningly with a trophy of the head of a rare animal.
Se trata de caza de trofeos: personas que salen y disparan a caza mayor y regresan a casa orgullosos pero repulsivamente con un trofeo de una cabeza de un animal raro.