toss {substantiv}


Eksempelsætninger "toss" på spansk

Disse sætninger kommer fra eksterne kilder og er måske ikke nøjagtige. bab.la kan ikke holdes ansvarlig for dette indhold. Læs mere her.

EnglishThis is an important subject; it cannot be left merely to the luck of the toss.
Es un tema importante que no puede dejarse simplemente a su suerte.
English— it's a toss-up between Johnson and Smith
¿quién crees que va a ganar? — está entre Johnson y Smith
EnglishMr President, I am not about to start arguing the toss with Mr Swoboda over where the Balkans begin.
Señor Presidente, no quiero discutir ahora con el Sr. Swoboda sobre dónde comienzan los Balcanes.
Englishit's a toss-up whether they'll go ahead with it or not
no hay ninguna seguridad de que sigan adelante con el proyecto
EnglishUnfortunately, the weather was dreadful - black clouds, rain, lightning, storms - and the plane began to toss about.
Lamentablemente, el tiempo era malo - nubarrones, lluvia, rayos, tormenta - y el avión empezó a tambalearse.
Englishhe can toss off an article in half an hour
Englishhe can toss off an article in half an hour
EnglishI don't give a toss what you think
EnglishI don't give a toss what you think
Englishthe horse began to toss its head
Englishwith a toss of his head
EnglishWhen they float to the top of the water, drain and toss in the frying pan with the cheese sauce.
Cuando tengan el punto de espesor justo, presentarlos en un plato hondo y servir.
Englishwith a toss of his head
EnglishI'll toss you for it
Englishto give the salad a toss
Englishto toss sth in flour
Englishlet's toss a coin
Englishlet's toss a coin
EnglishIt also made an excellent British delicacy called pork scratchings - which I just toss in so as to keep the interpreters on their toes.
También fabricaba una excelente especialidad británica llamada cortezas de cerdo -que menciono aquí sólo para mantener alerta a los intérpretes.
Englishlet's toss a coin