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ES emborracharse

emborracharse (også: jumarse, emparafinarse, encuetarse, guarapear)
to get plastered {vb.} [hverd.]

Eksempelsætninger "emborracharse" på engelsk

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SpanishNadie se comprará una botella de Pétrusse o Amarone para emborracharse.
There are certainly cheaper ways to do that, and this is something we all have to appreciate.
Spanishdecidió emborracharse para ahogar sus penas
she decided to drown her sorrows in drink
SpanishEs necesaria más investigación sobre la naturaleza, la magnitud y las causas del aumento de esta tendencia a emborracharse entre niños y adolescentes.
More research is needed into the nature, scale and causes of this growing trend in binge drinking by children and adolescents.
SpanishSin embargo, el hecho de que nuestros mercados se hayan liberalizado no puede significar que las empresas alienten a los niños o a los jóvenes a emborracharse.
Those parents who gave alcohol to their underage children, either for the sake of a bit of peace and quiet or because they were oblivious of the consequences, came in for much criticism.
SpanishFunke estaba presente cuando el anterior Canciller alemán, Helmut Kohl, en el día de la vinicultura alemana enunciase un lema para la futura política vinícola:¡hay que emborracharse más!
Mr Funke was certainly present when the former Federal Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, announced his watchword for the future wine-growing policy on German National Wine Day: we must drink more.