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estar substantiv
estar verbum
A substantiv
a substantiv
a præposition
favor substantiv

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Spanish¡Pero cómo no vamos a estar a favor del Libro Verde que ha planteado la Comisión!
But how can we fail to be in favour of the Green Paper proposed by the Commission?
SpanishCreo que es posible estar a favor del mercado y de las políticas sociales.
I believe it is possible to be in favour of both market and social policies.
SpanishEvidentemente, no puedo sino estar a favor de un papel mucho más activo del Parlamento.
Clearly, I can only be in favour of a much more active role for Parliament.
SpanishNo me puedo imaginar, por tanto, por qué no deberíamos estar a favor de ello.
I cannot imagine, therefore, why we should not be in favour of it.
SpanishEstar a favor o en contra de la energía nuclear es una decisión política.
Being for or against nuclear energy is a matter of political choice.
SpanishDe hecho, el 80 % de los votantes del "no" ha manifestado estar a favor de Europa.
In fact, 80% of 'no' voters said they were in favour of Europe.
SpanishNo se trata de estar a favor o en contra de la economía de mercado.
It is hardly a case of being in favour of, or against, a market economy.
SpanishSe puede estar a favor o en contra del Primer Ministro Gyurcsány.
You may be for Prime Minister Gyurcsány or you may be against him.
SpanishNo olvidemos nunca que existe una buena razón y una mala razón para estar a favor de la subsidiariedad.
Let us never forget there are good and bad reasons for being in favour of subsidiarity.
SpanishEn la votación no pudimos estar a favor del informe.
We would like to thank the rapporteur for his accomplished work on the report.
SpanishEl motivo es que debemos estar a favor de la competitividad.
The reason for this is that we must be in favour of competitiveness.
SpanishRespecto al plan de retirada progresiva, no podemos sino estar a favor de la propuesta.
We can only declare ourselves in favour of the proposed plan for the gradual elimination of affected fish.
SpanishEs posible estar a favor del libre comercio y querer establecer un equilibrio en ese libre comercio.
It is possible to be in favour of free trade and to want to establish a balance in that free trade.
SpanishLos economistas de Brueghel realmente han perdido su fe y ahora declaran estar a favor de un gasto mayor.
The Brueghel economists have really lost their faith and now plead in favour of more spending.
SpanishEs posible estar a favor de todos estos preceptos y principios.
It is possible to support all these tenets and principles.
SpanishMe satisface, así mismo, que la mayoría del Parlamento parezca estar a favor de una modificación de las sanciones.
I am therefore pleased that most of you appear to be in favour of changing the sanctions.
SpanishNo se trata hoy de estar a favor o en contra de los fumadores, a favor o en contra de la lucha contra el cáncer.
It is not a question of being for or against smokers, for or against the prevention of cancer.
SpanishSe puede estar a favor o en contra de unas cosas u otras.
You can agree or disagree with one thing or another.
SpanishPese a estar a favor, presioné la luz roja por error.
I was in favour, but I pressed the red light by mistake.
SpanishMe parece que en la presente situación no podemos estar a favor de una parte o de la otra, sino a favor del éxito.
I think our commitment in this situation should not be to one side or to the other but to success.