ES hall

1. generel

entrance {substantiv} (foyer)
hall (også: portal, recibidor)
entrance hall {substantiv}
hall (også: vestíbulo)
hall {substantiv} (vestibule)
El amplio y excelente informe de la señora Fiona Hall también es una prueba de ello.
Fiona Hall's excellent and comprehensive report also bears evidence to that.
Concluyendo, la Comisión puede apoyar las enmiendas presentadas por la señora Hall.
In conclusion, the Commission can support the amendments put forward by Mrs Hall.
Kroon Hall Universidad de Yale / Arquitectos Hopkins y Arquitectos y Planificadores Centerbrook.
Kroon Hall Yale University / Hopkins Architects and Centerbrook Architects and Planners.
lobby {substantiv} (entrance hall)

2. "de un teatro, cine"

hall (også: vestíbulo, recibidor)
foyer {substantiv}
11.00 Morning Tea (Foyer, Costa Hall)

3. "de una casa"

hallway {substantiv}

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SpanishSeñora Hall, ha dicho usted que habría que prohibir pura y simplemente la madera ilegal.
Commissioner, there is nothing more to be said, except that we all know that the forests are disappearing at a huge rate.
SpanishThey were discovered while experts surveyed a site that is destined to become a new ticket hall for the capital's huge Crossrail project at Liverpool Street Station.
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