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ES Hamburgo

1. geografi

Hamburg {egen.}
En Hamburgo, mi ciudad, 12 000 personas trabajan para Airbus.
In Hamburg, where I come from, there are 12 000 people working for Airbus.
El epicentro de la enfermedad sigue en los alrededores de Hamburgo, al norte de Alemania.
The epicentre of the disease is still the area around Hamburg in northern Germany.
En mi ciudad natal de Hamburgo, este debate es de la mayor importancia.
In my home town of Hamburg, this discussion is of very major importance.

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SpanishLa OLAF también pidió ayuda a los fiscales de Hamburgo, donde se publicaba; y se negaron.
Since then, both the voters and I have had to learn that neither of them are that good.
SpanishEs crucial para los puertos de Hamburgo, Marsella o Amberes ofrecer unos servicios al menos tan atractivos como los que ofrecen los puertos asiáticos.
Contrary to what is being said by members of the Commission, this directive will neither create new markets, nor make competition more just and much less will it create new opportunities for workers.