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ES inofensivo
{adjektiv maskulin}

No se puede pretender como hacen algunos que este texto es inofensivo.
It is impossible to claim, as some do, that this text is inoffensive.
Debe ser inofensivo, no conflictivo y respetuoso.
Be clean, uncontroversial, inoffensive, and family-friendly.
En primer lugar, no hay radiaciones inofensivas.
First of all, there is no such thing as inoffensive radiation.

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Spanish¿Qué es un paso inofensivo de un buque transatlántico en un estrecho semejante?
What constitutes 'innocent passage ' by a passenger boat through a strait like this?
SpanishAfirma que es inofensivo y genera grandes depósitos de barro rojo de decantación de residuos.
That is a sin from the past; the company concerned has gone and the mess needs to be cleaned up.
SpanishLos dirigentes chinos presentan un temor excepcional al movimiento inofensivo y pacífico Falun Gong.
The Chinese leaders are extremely frightened of the peaceful, religious movement, Falun Gong.
SpanishNo es un paquete inofensivo, como los Verdes tratan de hacernos creer; es un paquete capaz de morder.
It is not a meaningless package as the Greens are trying to make out; it is a package with teeth.
SpanishEl virus no sobrevive a una temperatura superior a 26º C, de manera que es inofensivo para el hombre.
The virus does not survive at a temperature of more than 26º C, and is therefore not dangerous to humans.