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ES oíl

oïl {substantiv}
Quisiera insistir en que el Programa Auto-Oil fue el punto de arranque.
I would like to say once again that the Auto-Oil programme was the breakthrough.
Teniendo presentes estos hechos, hay que acoger favorablemente el programa Auto-Oil.
Against this background the Auto-Oil programme is most welcome.
El Programa Auto-Oil es claramente una consecuencia de ello.
The Auto/ Oil Programme is quite evidently a result of that.

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SpanishRethinking Palm Oil It's in our candy bars, soap and peanut butter it even powers some of our cars.
The river's waters support 19 endemic fish species, four of which are found in the Nosivolo and nowhere else.
SpanishIn 1984, after some eye-opening encounters at Zingaro Circus (France), Fred left a career drilling for oil to tap into circus arts.
OVO features some major aerial numbers that present distinct acrobatic equipment challenges.
SpanishEl Gobierno de España, que fue responsable del desastre del petrolero Prestige y del derrame de fuel oil en las costas de España, Francia y Portugal, ha perdido las elecciones.
I do take the view, though, that it is necessary to clearly define responsibilities, and so this must be recorded in the Minutes of this House.
SpanishThe rapid expansion of monoculture palm oil plantations especially in Southeast Asia has led to the continuing destruction of the world's remaining tropical forests.
And Luciano Andriamaro, Science Support Program Manager for CI-Madagascar, understands well how important a healthy river ecosystem is for ensuring benefits for both local communities and wildlife.