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ES ostensible
{adjektiv maskulin/feminin}

ostensible (også: aparente, pretendido)

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Eksempelsætninger "ostensible" på engelsk

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SpanishGracias a ello hemos observado una mejora ostensible en los últimos años.
As a result, over the last few years, we have witnessed a marked improvement.
SpanishSeñor Presidente, en primer lugar quiero referirme al tabaco pues es ostensible la engañosa campaña que se dirige contra él.
Mr President, firstly with regard to tobacco: the campaign against tobacco is a sham, a fraud.
SpanishNuestros parlamentos y gobiernos nacionales acabarían siendo grandes autoridades locales carentes de poder en una ostensible Unión Europea.
Our national governments and parliaments would be like large, powerless local authorities in an EU writ large.
SpanishSeñora Presidenta,¿de dónde procede el racismo cotidiano, la xenofobia a veces encubierta, a veces tan ostensible?
Madam President, what is the cause of everyday racism, of the widespread xenophobia that is sometimes concealed and sometimes openly flaunted?
Spanishhizo ostensible su desagrado
SpanishEs ostensible que hay un conflicto fronterizo entre Bangladesh y Myanmar, que puede influir en la situación interna de este último país.
There are obviously border conflicts going on now between Bangladesh and Myanmar, which could also affect the situation within Burma/ Myanmar.
Spanish¿Es ostensible?
SpanishMe complace verdaderamente que se otorgue un papel más ostensible a las cuestiones de la política de empleo en el orden del día de la UE, y el presente informe constituye una muestra de ello.
I am delighted to note that the employment issue looms large on the EU's programme of work. This report is proof of that.
SpanishSeñor Presidente, Señorías, si he aplaudido de forma tan ostensible a los Sres.
Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, if I so obviously applauded Mr Willockx and Mr Donnelly, it is because what they said was exactly what I wanted to hear.
SpanishEstaríamos actuando de manera ostensible y a nadie le parecería mal.
It would be no problem to finance thousands of doctors from the EU or to build a new university in the name of the EU; it would be visible and everybody would say fine.