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"pepinos" engelsk oversættelse

ES pepinos
{maskulin flertal}

Señores diputados, los pepinos españoles no estaban contaminados.
Ladies and gentlemen, Spanish cucumbers were not contaminated.
Las preguntas suelen referirse a los pepinos curvos, al tabaco y a otros asuntos cotidianos.
The questions instead tend to concern curved cucumbers, snuff and other everyday matters.
Los pepinos españoles y de otros países tenían bacterias de EHEC.
Cucumbers from Spain and other countries did have EHEC bacteria on them.

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SpanishYa hemos tenido suficientes debates sobre pepinos y fresas.
Those of us who come from a small country cannot accept the report in that form.
SpanishSolo como tomates y pepinos en Polonia, porque en la vieja Europa son insípidos.
At five persons a family, that will mean a million people with no income this autumn: an unjustifiable social disaster.