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SpanishMe hubiese gustado que los míos también hubiesen estado aquí, pero ya no es posible.
I should have liked mine to have been here too, but that is no longer possible.
SpanishLlegaba una hora tarde a una cena porque esperaba que su pregunta hubiese sido admitida.
She was an hour late for a dinner because she expected her question to be taken.
SpanishHabría preferido que el informe se hubiese centrado más en esos asuntos.
I would have liked to see the report focus rather more sharply on these issues.
SpanishAlgunos habrían deseado que la compensación hubiese sido el objeto principal del debate.
Some people would have liked reparations to be the main subject of the debate.
SpanishQuerido Klaus Hänsch, nadie ha dicho nunca, naturalmente, que no hubiese que cambiar nada.
My dear Klaus Hänsch, of course no-one has ever said that nothing should change.
SpanishHubiera preferido que hubiese estado en contacto con el Parlamento y el ponente.
I would have preferred you to be in closer contact with Parliament and with the rapporteur.
Spanish¡Qué suerte que recordase hacerlo antes de que el mismo día hubiese pasado!
Lucky that you remembered to do this before the day had actually passed.
SpanishEste reto confirma, si es que todavía hubiese que confirmarla, la necesidad de este apoyo.
This challenge confirms the need for this support, not that we needed confirmation.
SpanishMe habría gustado que esta cuestión se hubiese llevado ante el Tribunal de Justicia.
This is something I would have liked to have seen fought out before the Court of Justice.
SpanishNadie puede poner en duda que si Suecia hubiese querido incorporarse, hubiera sido admitida.
No one can doubt that if Sweden had wanted to join, they would have been admitted.
SpanishA todos nos encantaría que estuviese vivo y que no hubiese sido víctima de un brutal asesinato.
We all would rather he was alive and had not been the victim of a brutal murder.
SpanishHay quien dice que hubiese sido mejor haber hecho todo esto antes.
There are those who say that it would have been better to do all this beforehand.
SpanishHarbour lamentaba que no me hubiese referido a las desregulaciones.
Mr Harbour complained that I did not address the issue of deregulation.
SpanishMe habría gustado que hubiese hecho lo mismo con el calendario de nuestras sesiones para 1997.
I would have liked to have seen the same happen for our 1997 session timetable.
SpanishOrdenó que no hubiese debate, al declarar que era muy importante que no lo hubiese.
The European Parliament called on the Commission to produce a new proposal for first reading.
SpanishImaginen que un avión se hubiese estrellado como resultado de las cenizas volcánicas.
Imagine if an aeroplane had crashed as a result of the volcanic ash.
SpanishHabría sido mejor que la decisión la hubiese tomado Europa y no un único jefe de Gobierno.
It would have been better if Europe were able to decide and not just one Head of State.
SpanishÉl nunca me hubiese dicho que estaba viviendo y muriendo con SIDA.
He could not even tell me that he was living and dying with an AIDS-related illness.
SpanishEn segundo lugar esperábamos que hubiese una imagen realista de la política agraria.
Secondly, we expected a realistic picture of agricultural policy.
SpanishNo obstante, opinamos que sería provechoso que hubiese más claridad en algunas materias.
We still think, however, that increased clarity in a number of areas would be no bad thing.

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